Monster Rock climbing area

Come Slay These Beasties!

Monster Rock Bouldering

Monster Rock has 31 boulder problems in the guidebook, many of them V0's.  More could be invented on Monster's Lair Boulder now, Strength & Toughness boulder now, and Undead Boulder later when its landing is improved.  I'll add your inventions in the guidebook if they are easy to specify, distinct from existing problems.


Strength and Toughness Boulder

The right side of Strength and Toughness boulder offers "minimalistic" bouldering on only five  features: the low vertical crack, the dominant diagonal crack, a deep pocket, the mid-boulder horizontal ledge, and the boulder top.  The surface between the top and the horizontal ledge has interesting little formations but they break easily; please stay off of them.  It has three problems (V0/1, V0, V?) plus whatever variations you can devise.

Undead Boulder

Most of Monster Rock's bouldering is located on Undead Boulder, at the river's edge.  The guidebook records 18 boulder problems, and the right side offers future problems as we excavate the landings.  The backside provides an easy exit, and the top of the boulder offers a natural, sloped deck for watching waterskiers, Deep Ones, and Semi-Liquid Fishy Things.

Here's Danny Begonia on the steep V0/V1ish right end.  The starting "Blood Block" is disturbingly 95% detached, but it looks wedged solid between the 5% attached section on the bottom and a roof of solid rock.  We've weighted it numerous times, but it will always make for creepy starts.

Here's Morgan Young on the traverse and up on the right face:


Monster's Lair Boulder

Monster's Lair Boulder is the left boulder of the "A-Frame" it forms with the left portion of Strength & Toughness Boulder.  (There's more room in there for climbing than the photo suggests.)  It has two problems along the left and right aretes flanking its face.  The face itself is highly featured, and it will yield more problems. 

Shubb Niggorath's Pinky Boulder & Cthulhu's Knuckle Boulder

These boulders are at the right edge of Lovecraftian Madness Wall.  Their tops comprise much of the landing at the bottom of the last black ladder leading from Sauron's Tower to the climbing walls.  These two sport a couple V0's each.  In the backround (bleached out) is J.R.R. Tolkein Wall. 



Magic, the Gathering Boulder

This boulder eeks out one lonely, traversing V0 (Orcish Vast-throngs).

Magic, the Gathering is probably the most interesting game invented since Chess.  Not only did it outsell decades of Monopoly sales within a mere few years on the market; it rifted on monster & magic themes, invented the collectable card game genre popularized by Pokemon, and encapsulated strategy and tactics within a card-game structure.  (Eh?) 

But, as its now-rich mathematician inventor once said, "all games reduce to rock-scissors-paper".  Of course, climbers who play that game get stuck on "rock, rock, rock..."

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