Monster Rock climbing area

Come Slay These Beasties!

Austin Climbing Links

Austin, Texas is blessed with alot of climbing in and near the city.  See and  for information about the areas.  Austin climbing seems less by partner and more by group.  New climbers can tap into this at various Facebook groups such as Austin Climbing and the three local climbing gyms.

Fun climber websites: "Monster Rock" facebook page is useful for occasional MR news and weather reports. As with any page, you won't see all posts unless you click Like, visit the page, hover mouse over "Liked" and click Notifications. (rarely used now, but full of history and choss)


Funny pictures from Mrock:

Mrock's Gallery of Holds:

Monster-related websites:

So what the heck are all these monsters anyway?  What's a Cthulhu?  Here is info on monsters residing at Monster Rock: (The 1958 or 1988 film.) (from the Harry Potter books/films) (see description of his invisible slayer) (from the Addams Family) (last but not least)


Major Themes

Here are websites describing and celebrating Mrock's major themes.

Horror Movies: (IT is coming...)

The monster-horror writings of H. P. Lovecraft:

The swords-and-sorcery writings of J. R. R. Tolkein: (order Children of Hurin; faster paced then most Tolkein books)

The Dungeons and Dragons(tm) and related games:


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